Private Portfolios

BC Partners manages private investment portfolios for individuals and families. We help our clients develop a portfolio that is designed to achieve outcomes that are specific to their needs. We also help our clients to navigate the global capital markets. Global markets offer the potential for a very good return on capital, but they can also be complex. We have the resources and financial market connections to allow investors to participate and profit from capital markets, including providing access to global investments that are not otherwise available to individual investors.

Charitable Trusts

BC Partners provides financial advice that is tailored to the specialist needs of charitable entities including assisting trustees or board members to manage the fiduciary liability associated with trust assets.
We also provide charities with access to global investments at wholesale fees.

Financial Advice

BC Partners aims to help its clients with all matters related to the protection and creation of wealth. We work alongside a family entity acting as their personal CFO. This may involve managing assets, facilitating inter-generational wealth succession, working with tax advisers, insurance advisers or trustees or any other financial matters that are relevant to the specific needs of the client.

Wholesale Investors

BC Partners provides investment advice in relation to specialist wholesale investments. These are only available to investors with a high level of investment experience or with large sums to invest (as per the criteria of the Financial Markets Conduct Act)

NZ Residency Investment Visas

The NZ Government offers a permanent residency program for offshore investors who invest money into the NZ economy. These investments must comply with specific investment criteria set by Immigration New Zealand. BC Partners have knowledge and experience with setting up and managing investment portfolios that meet these criteria.

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